Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Lyon...with a phone?

I was congratulating myself on avoiding the Olympic mess...until I realized that my flight (and thus, my luggage) goes through Heathrow on one of the busiest baggage days of the year (think horses, boats, surfboards, etc.). 

Fortunately, my luggage arrived just fine, as did I.  After a bit of unpacking and a short nap, I walked up the hill to make some necessary purchases, such as a mobile phone.

I went to the SFR store and debated my options, but decided on just buying a prepaid phone and paying as I go.

This seems pretty uncomplicated, right?

Somehow, it tooke from 5 pm until 6:30 pm... and it's still not working.  The salesperson first rang up the wrong SIM card, then spent an hour trying to make it work so that she wouldn't have to cancel the order.  Finally, she cancelled the order, but because I was assigned one number at first and then another number with the second SIM card, there is a glitch that may take some time to process.  She recommended that I give it two hours.

I won't be surprised to be back at the store tomorrow, but on the positive side, I got a lot of language practice in that hour and a half.

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